27th June 2017 – Mr Gosal operated on me in October 2015 when I underwent a partial knee replacement.  Since the operation my recovery has allowed me to return to cycling, culminating today by completing an unsupported ride across France from St Malo on the northern coast to the Mediterranean, via the Atlantic coast.  This was over 850 miles, and 30,000 feet of assent.

None of this would have been possible without Mr Gosal’s skill, so I wish to thank him.  I hope this will reassure potential patients of the benefits of this type of surgery.

Ian Dolphin

I had a total knee replacement by Mr Harminder Gosal in November and shot par in the March medal.  This far exceeded my expectations.

Peter McEvoy OBE

(Former World Amateur Golf Champion)

As Senior Sports Therapist of Cheltenham Town FC for the past 10 years, I can say that Mr Gosal has been a major asset to myself and my medical team.

Mr Gosal has performed successful surgery on many of our players during that time. The diagnosis and prognosis has always been accurate and successful. I have also personally benefitted from bi-lateral knee surgery performed by Mr Gosal and have been extremely please with the results.

At the knee clinic Mr Gosal provides an exceptional service to patients from the initial consultation right through to the final discharge.

(Ian was at Cheltenham Town FC when he wrote this testimonial. He currently works at Forest Green Rovers FC and we continue to work closely with him.)

My husband and I were both very disappointed when I had to give up walking the Cotswold Way, due the pain of my arthritis in my knees. I put my boots away thinking I would never use them again. After my first very successful partial knee replacement, I immediately booked for the same again on my other knee.

I was very determined to get back to full health and the visits to the physiotherapist gave me the willpower and determination to complete the exercise programme. I now go to the gym, swim, use my bike and most importantly we completed the Cotswold Way and have now began walking the 210 miles of the Severn Way in stretches of up to 10 miles a day.

When the opportunity arose to work in Abu Dhabi, inspecting schools, I jumped at the chance and had a wonderful time. I would not have even considered applying for the job before the operations.

Having practiced karate for almost 35 years now, it was important to me to find the best possible surgeon who could provide the quickest possible diagnosis and treatment. Harminder’s One Stop Knee service offered precisely that! Within three days of diagnosis (following an immediate MRI scan of my knee) I was admitted into the Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital, operated on and discharged. I was able to train within 6 weeks of my operation and found that my pain and immobility had all but disappeared. I cannot recommend this type of service enough to those who need the best possible treatment, at a time that suits them. Perfection!

After being run over by a car, I ended up with ligament damage in both of my knees. Lying in a hospital bed I found it hard to imagine how I would ever walk again. Mr Gosal operated on me and screwed everything back in place, before setting me on a long course of physiotherapy. Within a couple of months I was walking unaided again, but I was determined to make a proper return to my former self. I worked hard with my “new” knees with the support of Mr Gosal and my physio, eventually completing a half marathon two and a half years after my accident.

Les Stamp had first a right and then left knee replaced by Mr Gosal.

Before the operation I had heard all sorts of frightening stories, but having met Mr Gosal he explained to me in words I could understand what the whole procedure involved, which gave me a great deal of confidence to go ahead and have the operations done. Since the operations my joints work well enough for me to be able to run my business full time.

I had previously had 2 minor operations on my right knee and was told that I had no cartilage left between my knee cap. I had spent 2 months in agony. My previous surgeon had told me I was too young for a knee replacement (45) at the time and that I would have to pack up playing cricket, which I had played since a small boy. After a few weeks, I did a bit of research on line and found Mr Gosal’s name cropping up on numerous occasions, being a knee specialist at the Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital. I decided to seek a second opinion, and made an appointment (Sept 09). As soon as Mr Gosal examined my knees, he could see I was becoming bow legged because of my condition, although I could not see it myself. He recommended a procedure called a high tibial osteotomy, but would need to carry out an exploratory operation to confirm. To cut a long story short, I had my operation in April 2010. It has taken me 12 months to 100% recover, but I am back playing the sport I love, with no problems with the knee at all. 
I cannot thank Mr Gosal enough and he would be the first person I would recommend if anyone asked me for advice on knee surgery

Following my operation I was very keen to get back into running and playing cricket as I have had my knee issues for over a year. I was in a lot of pain on and off and my knee would lock and also give way so my confidence was lacking and I continuously had sleepless nights.

I have been very active throughout my life and after my operation Mr Gosal informed me that I would not be able to run or play sports for 3-6 months which was very disappointing but I understood that I needed to give my knee time to recover after my procedure.

I went to physiotherapy once a week and my confidence was improving as the pain had gone and I was walking properly with no issues. I started to go on long walks with my partner and I had no issues whatsoever which I mentioned to Hazel my physio. She then mentioned the Alter G running machine which I was also very keen to try as I was desperate to get back into running and playing sport and she explained that she could take all my body weight off by using the anti-gravity device and see how I went and then I gradually increase my weight as long as I had no setbacks.

The Alter G is an amazing piece of equipment which was easy to set up and operate and it gradually built up my confidence and fitness and proved to me that my operation was a success. I would definitely recommend this to others who are looking to get back to running and sports but are also lacking in confidence or just had an operation and want to control their weight load on their knees without causing any more damage.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Gosal, Hazel and all the team as I was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of my treatment and the facilities.

I would not hesitate!

Deciding to have major surgery of a total knee replacement is a big decision for anyone but for me it was easy having knowledge of an excellent surgeon, Mr Harminder Gosal. My total experience was extremely positive.

I had a convenient outpatient appointment and inpatient stay in comfortable surroundings with wonderful nursing care. All this complimented the highly skilled work of my surgeon.

An excellent outcome has left me totally mobile and pain free. I am back to work, enjoying the gym and my favourite hobbies once again. A total success!

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