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Winter Sports Knee Injury

Sports such as rugby, football and hockey are all a significant cause of knee injuries as all of these activities require some sort of pivoting action; however we tend to see seasonal variations in knee injuries.

A popular pursuit in winter is skiing. As skiing is a strenuous sport, we see many skiing related injuries. However, risks can be minimized by making sure you are fit to ski. This can be achieved by ski fitness training either with help of a physiotherapist or a sports specific trainer.

If you are unfortunate enough to sustain a knee injury skiing, medical care on most ski resorts is very good and Doctors will probably splint the injured knee and obtain an X-ray.


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The ins and outs of knee replacement surgery

If you’re considering knee replacement surgery you might wonder what to expect. From anaesthesia to recovery, Surgeon Harminder Gosal fills us in on the process.

Living with daily pain and reduced mobility in your knees can have a significant impact on your lifestyle, making even everyday tasks like housework feel like a huge challenge.

One of the main causes of knee pain and immobility is osteoarthritis (OA), accounting for a great many of the 90,000 knee replacements carried out in England and Wales annually.

But if all goes to plan your knee joint symptoms continue to improve for up to 12 months post-surgery and most people experience significant improvement in the symptoms of pain and mobility for many years post-surgery, with most replacements helping patients live active lives for up to 15 years.

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