One Stop Knee Clinic

We aim to provide a One Stop Knee Clinic where in one visit you get:

  • An initial consultation with Mr Gosal
  • Any diagnostic imaging that you may require (MRI, X-ray, CT scan)
  • A report on the imaging by our resident Consultant Radiologist
  • A follow up consultation with Mr Gosal to discuss results

This is all completed within approximately 2 hours, saving you multiple visits to the hospital. At the end of this consultation process a treatment plan will be offered.

Insured patients

Please note that not all insurance companies support the concept of the One Stop Clinics and do not fund for two consultations in one day. If your insurance company will fund for two appointments on the same day we would like to see written confirmation from your insurer before we are able to offer this service. We feel that the concept is beneficial for patients but we have to abide by their rules.

There is a fee for the initial consultation and a separate fee for the follow up consultation after the MRI scans. The follow up consultation cannot be authorised retrospectively.

Referral Process

We accept referrals from GPs, Physiotherapists and other treating healthcare professionals.

Downloadable Brochure